Sorghum Functional Genomics Database
Gene set enrichment analysis: (PlantGSEA)
Gene families, GO terms, miRNA targets, and pathway information from our functional annotations were used as knowledge background sets. Users can submit their gene list to obtain the biological functions or molecular activities in which the submitted genes were significantly involved.

1.Choose Gene Sets

G1:GO gene sets
BP:GO biological process  CC:GO cellular component  MF:GO molecular function
G2:Gene Family Based gene sets
G3:Curated gene sets
PlantCyc:PlantCyc gene sets  KEGG:KEGG gene sets 

2.Choose Background

Suggested background (Whole genome level)
Customized background

3.Submit Your Query

Example:sorghum bicolor
Or you can upload file (size <= 5MB)
4.Parameter Select(optional):

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