Sorghum Functional Genomics Database
Motif analysis:
Combining text-mining technology with data sources from plantCARE, PLACE, AthMap etc. We collected 930 motifs with published annotations. With these identified motifs and published annotations, we predicted TF/TR-binding regions. In addition to scanning for motif sequences, we offer a Z–score method that calculates the significance enrichment of motifs.

1.Sequence Scan:

Please input a fasta sequence, we'll find out all the possible motifs.


2.Name Scan:

Please input a list of sorghum bicolor gene names, and we'll compute the significant motifs located at 3000bp upstream of the gene, then show each motif and its frequency, users can also significantly analyze these motifs, and a job ID will generate.
Example:sorghum bicolor

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3.Custom motif Scan:

Please input a list of sorghum bicolor gene names and the motif sequences you interested, we'll extract all these genes promoter sequence (3000bp upstream), then show each motif's frequency and significant analysis result.
Example:sorghum bicolor
(1)Please input a list of gene names

(2)Please input motifs splited by ":"

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