Sorghum Functional Genomics Database
Organelle families are collected from NCBI, and we got 194 elements.
SobiCp001 SobiCp002 SobiCp003 SobiCp004 SobiCp005 SobiCp006
SobiCp007 SobiCp008 SobiCp009 SobiCp010 SobiCp011 SobiCp012
SobiCp013 SobiCp014 SobiCp015 SobiCp016 SobiCp017 SobiCp018
SobiCp019 SobiCp020 SobiCp021 SobiCp022 SobiCp023 SobiCp024
SobiCp025 SobiCp026 SobiCp027 SobiCp028 SobiCp029 SobiCp030
SobiCp031 SobiCp032 SobiCp033 SobiCp034 SobiCp035 SobiCp036
SobiCp037 SobiCp038 SobiCp039 SobiCp040 SobiCp041 SobiCp042
SobiCp043 SobiCp044 SobiCp045 SobiCp046 SobiCp047 SobiCp048
SobiCp049 SobiCp050 SobiCp051 SobiCp052 SobiCp053 SobiCp054
SobiCp055 SobiCp056 SobiCp057 SobiCp058 SobiCp059 SobiCp060
SobiCp061 SobiCp062 SobiCp063 SobiCp064 SobiCp065 SobiCp066
SobiCp067 SobiCp068 SobiCp069 SobiCp070 SobiCp071 SobiCp072
SobiCp073 SobiCp074 SobiCp075 SobiCp076 SobiCp077 SobiCp078
SobiCp079 SobiCp080 SobiCp081 SobiCp082 SobiCp083 SobiCp084
SobiCr001 SobiCr002 SobiCr003 SobiCr004 SobiCr005 SobiCr006
SobiCr007 SobiCr008 SobiCt001 SobiCt002 SobiCt003 SobiCt004
SobiCt005 SobiCt006 SobiCt007 SobiCt008 SobiCt009 SobiCt010
SobiCt011 SobiCt012 SobiCt013 SobiCt014 SobiCt015 SobiCt016
SobiCt017 SobiCt018 SobiCt019 SobiCt020 SobiCt021 SobiCt022
SobiCt023 SobiCt024 SobiCt025 SobiCt026 SobiCt027 SobiCt028
SobiCt029 SobiCt030 SobiCt031 SobiCt032 SobiCt033 SobiCt034
SobiCt035 SobiCt036 SobiCt037 SobiCt038 SobiCt039 SobiCt040
SobiCt041 SobiCt042 SobiCt043 SobiCt044 SobiCt045 SobiCt046
SobiCt047 SobiCt048
SobioMp01 SobioMp02 SobioMp03 SobioMp04 SobioMp05 SobioMp06
SobioMp07 SobioMp08 SobioMp09 SobioMp10 SobioMp11 SobioMp12
SobioMp13 SobioMp14 SobioMp15 SobioMp16 SobioMp17 SobioMp18
SobioMp19 SobioMp20 SobioMp21 SobioMp22 SobioMp23 SobioMp24
SobioMp25 SobioMp26 SobioMp27 SobioMp28 SobioMp29 SobioMp30
SobioMp31 SobioMp32 SobioMp33 SobioMr01 SobioMr02 SobioMr03
SobioMt01 SobioMt02 SobioMt03 SobioMt04 SobioMt05 SobioMt06
SobioMt07 SobioMt08 SobioMt09 SobioMt10 SobioMt11 SobioMt12
SobioMt13 SobioMt14 SobioMt15 SobioMt16 SobioMt17 SobioMt18

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