• Citation:Qi You, Wenying Xu, Kang Zhang, Liwei Zhang, Xin Yi, Dongxia Yao, Chunchao Wang, Xueyan Zhang, Xinhua Zhao, Nicholas Provart, Fuguang Li, Zhen Su. (2016). ccNET: Database of co-expression networks with functional modules for diploid and polyploid Gossypium. Nucleic Acids Research. doi: 10.1093/nar/gkw910. Link
    2016-12-22: The download links of coding and protein sequences are added in Annotation Summary page.
    2016-10-26: Ortholog pairs between G. hirsutum and G. arboreum are updated! There are 96466 ortholog pairs in 16142 homologous groups, including 32417 and 62050 genes in G. arboreum and G. hirsutum, respectively.
    2016-07-27: Database response times have been improved greatly!
    2016-07-15: Gene families and functional modules are listed in Annotation Summary!
    2016-07-02: BLAST alignment is supported in ccNET!
    2016-04-11: The quick search tool is available now!
    2016-02-25: H3K4me3 profiling of G. hirsutum is displayed in UCSC Genome Browser!
    2016-02-20: Distribution of cis-elements on 3kp promoters of each gene is visualized by Highchats tool!
    2016-01-05: H3K4me3 profiling of G. arboreum is displayed in UCSC Genome Browser!
    2015-10-16: Update 135 G. hirsutum miRNA-target functional modules!
    2015-09-13: Module enrichment tool works now!
    2015-08-24: Network comparison between cotton species works now!
    2015-07-27: Gossypium hirsutum Tissue-preferential and stress differential network analysis has been added!
    2015-07-20: Over 1800 functional modules in G. hirsutum have been identified!
    2015-07-06: 213 miRNA target functional modules in G. hirsutum have been identified!
    2015-06-25: Over 1200 functional modules in G. arboreum have been identified!
    2015-06-08: Poster of G. arboreum conditional network was displayed in Cold Spring Harbor Asia Conferences!
    2015-05-16: Cis-element enrichment analysis tool works now!
    2015-02-09: A new homepage is online now!
    2014-12-21: Coexpression network with gene expression view of G. arboreum has worked!
    2014-11-03: Coexpression network of G. arboreum has been online!
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