Gossypium arboreum co-expression network

         We have collected 29 expression profiling data of Gossypium arboreum from publication, including tissue-specific(seed, seedling, fiber, root, stem, leaf) and stress-related samples(dehydration and salinity), which covers most growth stages and multiple levels of cotton. We have conducted multilayered approaches such as quality control, data processing, PCC and MR to construct a co-expression network with multi-dimensions including development and stress response. Here the co-expression network contains over 500,000 pairs of edges with 33413 nodes which are analyzed from the RNA-seq samples. Users could search one interested gene or a list of genes in co-expression networks and the network could be displayed online by Cytoscape. In addition, tissue-preferential analysis and stress response analysis for functional sub-network identification.
Citation: Qi You, Liwei Zhang, Xin Yi, Kang Zhang, Dongxia Yao, Xueyan Zhang, Qianhua Wang, Xinhua Zhao, Yi Ling, Wenying Xu, Fuguang Li, Zhen Su. (2016). Co-expression network analyses identify functional modules associated with development and stress response in Gossypium arboreum. Scientific Reports. 6, 38436; doi:10.1038/srep38436
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