Setaria italica
Foxtail millet (Setaria italica) is a member of the Poaceae grasses, which distributes in natural and agricultural ecosystems worldwide and grows as cereal crop or grain for both human food and fodder. It is an ancient crop originated from China and has more than 10,000 years of cultivation history. Millet is C4 grass species with significant characteristics of drought resistance, short growing season, and high light efficiency. Thus millet is favored as an important crop in the semi-arid tropics and could be a great model cereal, as well as for potential biofuel use. Recently two research groups published foxtail millet's whole genome sequencing results, but there is still limited gene function information. We try to establish a database of foxtail millet for gene function and protein network analysis through bioinformatics methods. We applied genome browser as a platform to integrate Setaria italica genome sequence, transcripts sequence, protein sequence, miRNA-seq and RNA-seq data, from public data sources such as phytozome, NCBI, BGI, etc. In the meanwhile, some gene functional analysis tools were also provided in our database, including gene family identification, gene network prediction and motif analysis.
How to cite SIFGD---Qi You, Liwei Zhang, Xin Yi, Zhenghai Zhang, Wengying Xu, and Zhen Su. (2015) SIFGD: Setaria italica Functional Genomics Database. Molecular Plant. doi:10.1016/j.molp.2015.02.001 Link





update news
2015-02-10: SIFGD: Setaria italica Functional Genomics Database was available online!

2015-02-01: SIFGD was accepted by Molecular Plant

2014-08-17: Custom motif analysis is realized;

2014-06-16: KEGG pathway are added;

2014-05-20: Relationship of two genome version have been displayed in synteny model of GBrowse;

2014-04-20: SNPs and related agronomic traits have been added in GBrowse;

2014-03-10: Poster participated The 1st International Setaria Genetics Conference (ISGC);

2013-10-09: Poster participated National Congress of Plant Biology 2013(NCPB);

2013-12-30: SIFGD have been online!;

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