2015-04-29 The PlantCyc gene sets of maize (MaizeCyc) has been updated to version 2.2.

  2014-12-10 "Gene Family Based" gene sets and "MicroRNA Targets" gene sets in Gossypium raimondii(Cotton) are available now!

  2014-12-01 New species Populus trichocarpa(Populus) has been included to our server. GO, Gene Family and KEGG categories are available for now.

  2014-11-20 We have improved our program by letting user to choose whether to run overlap matrix if the query gene number is more than 500.

  2014-05-22 We have improved our program by supporting gene locus in either upper case or lower case. We also debuged some error at the same time.

  2014-02-21 New species Setaria italica(Foxtail millet) has been included to our server. GO and Gene Family category is available for now.

  2013-12-16 The Christmas Day is coming, are you ready for your Christmas gifts? We wish you a Merry Christmas in advance!

  2013-11-29 We've debuged some problems of running program and we hope you will contact us if you encounter any difficulties.

  2013-07-02 The PlantGSEA toolkit was reported on a famous scientific website, GenomeWeb. For more detail, please click here.

  2013-06-26 New species Brachypodium distachyon (Brachypodium) has been included to our database.

  2013-06-02 Gene Family Based gene sets in Glycine max(Soybean) are available now!

  2013-05-16 Gene Ontology gene sets and Plant Ontology gene sets in Arabidopsis are updated. Besides, we've added new References colleted gene sets of Oryza Sativa(Rice) into database.

  2013-04-30 PlantGSEA is published online today. We will keep at it!

  2013-04-01 Aha, our manuscript has been accepted! Tip: don't be fooled today ;-)

  2013-03-28 Due to some unavoidable reason, our Sever will be unreachable from 8:00a.m Mar.30th to 6:00p.m Mar.31th (UTC+08:00). We are sincerely sorry for the inconvenience caused by us.

  2013-03-25 New species Glycine max (Soybean) has been included to our server. Only GO category is available for now, but we will work on the others ASAP!

  2013-03-23 Customized background choosing option is available on the analysis page. Besides, we add new function, GeneSymbol-LocusID-Conversion, into our tool page. Please enjoy them!

  2013-03-01 Kinase and ubiquitin proteasome data from ProFITS wibsite is included.

  2012-12-23 Begin to design Manual page.

  2012-11-20 Designing of Browse page is done.

  2012-10-27 Format Conversion Tool is available in the website.

  2012-10-10 Work of debug begins, with analysis procedure debugging the most difficult.

  2012-10-08 Add Zea mays (maize) to the database.

  2012-09-27 Add Oryza Sativa (rice) to the database.

  2012-09-02 Basic function of Analysis page can be realized in the website.

  2012-08-13 Set about design website.Let's start with HomePage.

  2012-08-10 Computing scripts accomplished.Whoopee!!

  2012-08-01 Done with collecting Arabidopsis genesets and started to compile core computing script.

  2012-07-20 Started working out the frame of the database with my lab members and collecting data.