User Manual For PlantGSEA

Users for the first time using our website can follow the instructions below.

How to do GSEA analysis

1st step: Choose Parameters of Your Analysis
You shoule select categories of gene sets which you are interested in and then the species.In the query box, you can submit either gene locus ID or affymatrix probeset ID. On the bottom are other parameters including statistical method and cutoff.

2nd step: Start computing overlap
You will get your job ID while the website is running program, which you can retrieve result even several weeks later.


How to check out analysis results

GeneSet Enrichment Analysis result is available for download in table-formatted. Page display can be divided into 2 parts.

Part 1: Table Information

Part 2: Overlap Matrix Information

Part 3: Detail Information

Part 4: Relationship among significantly enriched gene sets

How to use Format Conversion Tool

1st : Choose convert type and other parameters
You can either submit a list or a text file for conversion between gene locus ID and affymatrix probeset ID.

2nd : You can check out the conversion result on page.