Update Overview(2016-05-02)

As this update included more than one aspect, we presented here three tables of detailed information to summarize our work. We have updated five ncRNA categories, including two new categories, which were "intronic long non-coding RNAs (incRNA)" and "unknown non-coding RNAs (unindicated)".

Statistical results related to ncRNA sequences

SpeciesNO. of updated records
miRNAlncRNANATintronic long non-coding RNAs
unknown non-coding RNAs
Arabidopsis thaliana-243213
Brassica napus----1
Brassica rapa-1---
Digitalis purpurea----29
Glycine max----1
Glycine soja----1
Gossypium hirsutum380----
Hordeum vulgare subsp. Vulgare-11-1
Lotus japonicus----3
Medicago truncatula-2--3
Nicotiana benthamiana-1---
Nicotiana tabacum-2--3
Oryza brachyantha----1
Oryza sativa-38--1
Panax ginseng----1
Petunia x hybrida--1--
Phaseolus vulgaris----1
Populus tremula-1---
Populus trichocarpa-15---
Setaria italica-172--
Solanum lycopersicum-15--3
Trifolium repens----4
Triticum aestivum-14-127
Vitis vinifera-1---
Zea mays-4292320417
New added species
Brassica campestris--1--
Cucumis sativus-7--1
Daucus carota----1
Ganoderma lucidum-22---
Gossypium barbadense10611---
Lolium perenne----1
Medicago sativa-1--3
Pisum sativum----1
Populus tomentosa-15---
Salvia miltiorrhiza----17
Sesbania rostrata----1
Silene latifolia----1
Thlaspi caerulescens----1
Vicia faba----1
Vicia sativa----1
Vigna radiata----1

Statistical results related to text-mining

AspectNO. of recordsDetails link
Adding literatures77See details

Statistical results related to expression profile

AspectNO. of recordsDetails link
Adding profile337See details