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Protein protein interactions (PPIs) occur when two or more proteins bind together to carry out their biological functions. Many of these processes are related to key physiological processes such as signal transductions, gene transcriptions and molecular transport.

Users can submit a list of gene IDs and corresponding interaction pairs will be visualized and shown.

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To predict interactions between proteins in Gossypium, GraP first collected 18 582 protein-protein physical interactions between proteins in Arabidopsis from BioGRID, PAIR, BAR and CCSB databases.

Additionally, Inparanoid (bootstrap >= 0.6) and bidirectional BLASTp were used to find orthologs between Gossypium and Arabidopsis, resulting in 48 453 ortholog gene pairs. Ultimately, 103 743 PPI pairs were predicted between 12 483 nodes, within which 7609 edges were of high confidence.

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