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  ENCODE Consortium Data Release Policy Summary

Please observe the following guidelines when using ENCODE data:

  • Data users may freely download and analyze ENCODE data without restrictions. They may use ENCODE data in publications focused around individual genes; however, there is a narrow 9-month "moratorium" on the publication of global analysis of ENCODE data sets to allow the data producers the opportunity to publish first if they wish. Following the expiration of the moratorium period or publication by the data producers (whichever is first), publication of global analyses is unrestricted. Most released datasets are already outside the moratorium. See the Data Summary and Mouse Data Summary pages for the restriction times of individual data sets.
  • The publication and presentation moratorium is expected to extend to all forms of public disclosure, including meeting abstracts, oral presentations, and formal electronic submissions to publicly accessible sites (e.g., public websites, web blogs).
  • Resource users are expected to acknowledge the following in all oral or written presentations, disclosures, or publications of the analyses:
    • The resource producers
    • The following publication:
    • The funding organization(s) that supported the work
    • The respective DCC
  • Data users should properly acknowledge the ENCODE Project and resource producer(s) as the source of the data in any publication.
  • See the full ENCODE-modENCODE Data Release Policy (2009-Present) document for further details, and the ENCODE-modENCODE Data Release Policy description page at NHGRI for background.

Updated 17 February 2012