ENCODE Project at NHGRI Experiment List

Experiment List: Human Genome

ENCODE datasets that have been successfully submitted to the DCC are listed in the Experiment Submissions spreadsheet below. Terms appearing in the spreadsheet are described on the Registered Variables page. Use these terms in the UCSC track search tool (Advanced tab) to select data for viewing in the browser. Files can be downloaded from the ENCODE Downloads page or via the Downloads link on the selected track description pages.

Data listed as "released" have undergone quality review and have been released to the UCSC public site. Unreleased data can be viewed on the UCSC Preview Browser.

All ENCODE data are freely available for download and analysis; however, before publishing research that uses ENCODE data, please read the ENCODE Data Release Policy, which restricts publication of global analyses for nine months following data release. The Date Unrestricted column shows the date when each dataset becomes unencumbered; unrestricted datasets are highlighted in green.

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